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“een Nederlandse multiculti-documentaire die heerlijk zweept, zwalkt en zwiert.” (****) Trouw

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German release

In an as stirring as hopeful musical story Dj Robert Soko, who came to fame with his Balkan Beats, embraces musical influences from newcomers in multicultural Europe.

“What language do we have to use to understand each other?

Robert Soko knows that you have to move to survive. Fled from the war in Yugoslavia as a teenager, he used Western music and electrifying Balkan rhythms to mix cultures, and became a famous Balkan Beats DJ in Berlin and in the European club scene. As a reaction to all the changes in the world and out of a need for inspiration, Soko drives his taxi in search for new migrants to mix with; musicians who have left their home and family behind them. The film takes place on his native soil, where streams of refugees from Syria and Afghanistan pass on their way to their dream destination, Berlin. The encounters break musical boundaries and reveal the changed identity of Europe.

Looking for the new sound op Europe?

The film suits well to specials; as a reason for a conversation or debate, a screening before, after or during Balkan Beats-related performances at music festivals, a tour at venues and stages, educational occasion.. nothing too groovy!

Many elements and themes to hitch on to reach a wide audience and to make an impact. Please do contact us to find out or talk about (new) possibilities and collaborations:


Amsterdam-based film production company DOXY lays emphasis on producing quality films of all manifestations. Our starting point is to combine a relevant subject with an original visual style, reflecting a curious, critical and inspired eye on our society.


 a 3 piece hailing from Berlin, combine classic Eastern Euro jazz sounds with modern production to conjure a sound that is sometimes referred to electro swing and’or balkanbeats.

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